Inspiration for this piece came from two places: seeing repeated newstories and articles about COVID-19 and how people are acting. Well, that and how people respond/interact given the current political arena. And also, seeing this sculpture in a friend’s garden.

200505 9613 St Francis
200505 9613 St Francis

There was a time
When we could watch the news
And read articles
Without seeing walls between people
Without someone having to be right.
And someone being wrong.
A time when it wasn’t me or you,
But us.
The virus has changed some things,
And not others.
Brought out the best in people,
And sometimes…not so much.
Seems we can still struggle
With hearing each other
Without the weight
Of our disagreements
Or see each other
Through the lenses of our differences.
Do you remember?
There was a time
When we shared our weaknesses,
Our successes and uncertainties,
Without feeling judged,
Put down or even ignored.
There was a time
When we more easily saw our similarities,
Embraced our diversity,
And welcomed perspectives
Outside of our own.
Can we see more of that?
Be more like that again?
Let us open our hearts
And remember—
There was a time.