Night Spectrum

The Tree. Icon any time of year, any time of the day. So fortunate, am I, to be able to photograph this icon at almost any time. My favorite times are the golden hours of the morning and evening. But this night wasn’t about gold as much as it was about the night spectrum. A full array of color on dazzling display.

So, You Want Too See?

Took a quick trip up to the Samish Overlook this morning. Had limited time since I didn’t want to stray too far from the car (forgot to take the Discover Pass, which is need for this park). Though there were no paragliders up there, this is one of their preferred launch points in the area. Hoping to go up there again when there are paragliders gearing up. Wonder how one finds out about that.

Storm Watcher

Tonight I was just about to dive into a good book when I took a look out over the bay. The clouds over the refinery were aglow and combined with the boat sitting out on the bay it made for an interesting composition.

Fort Casey Sunset Sunrise

Finally got a decent sunset during our stay at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island. Most nights were cloudy and no sun per se, but last night the sun was out and some clouds. Then, this morning, I went back to the same location from which I took last night’s photos and took photos so the sunlight was illuminating the front of the battery. So, this image is a composition of two sets of panoramics. Love, love, love having artistic license.

Here is the sunset image by itself:

And here is the sunrise from the same location the next morning: