This was a 90-second exposure last night down at Boulevard Park. Every time I go down I wonder what stories these old pilings could tell…of ships from distant ports, long stormy nights, and of curious folks.

Going Solo

Exploring Padden Creek is always something I enjoy and look forward to. Though the creek is small, it always seems to hold photographic treasures if I slow down and look. Like this leaf, the rocks, the leaves in the background…a subtle composition of contrast.

Adelaide Larson

Adelaide Larson. December 2, 1918 – September 15, 1919. 287 days. Just over nine months. Ms. Larson would be 99 years old. What would be her story at 99, the one we never knew? What WAS her story surely is just as important. The mysteries that lie behind markers at the cemeteries intrigue me, make me wonder.