A Walk in the Garden

Not quite sure how the addage goes, but it pays to ask the right question to the wrong person. I made a stop a Joe’s Garden in a quest to take photos of their beautiful floors. Being a responsible photographer I went to the cashier and asked permission. Said cashier said, “no problem”. Off I went. After about an hour, and literally about 5 feet from being all done, a different staff person came up and asked me to step out of the rows of flowers. Apparently they can not let people in the flowers due to FDA regulations. Okay. Well, I got my photos and hopefully didn’t contaminate any edible dahlias. I have to laugh. I understand the rules. About 5 or 6 rows away from where I was, on the other side of TALL sunflowers, are rows and rows of vegetables. Guess I got lucky with my timing and asking the “right” person.