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Wheel Travel
Milk container on an antique Chevrolet truck. Winthrop, WA.
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Leaf on Wood
Solitary leaf resting beached log at Boulevard Park during low tide. Bellingham, WA.
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Few More Stops
Not too many more directives for an old sign. Bellingham, WA.
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A Small Gathering
A small gathering of findings from the beach at Deception Pass. Oak Harbor, WA.
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Through It All
New perspective at Western Washington University. Bellingham, WA
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Three in a Row
Catching a sunny day on the Seattle waterfront. Seattle, WA
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Floating Star
A picturesque sunflower bloom floating at sunset on gentle waves. Bellingham, WA.
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Pottery Shard on Ripples
Remnant of a larger pottery piece on the low tide at Little Squalicum Beach. Bellingham, WA.
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Up close and personal with a sculpture on the Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.

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Make Some Wishes
Dandelion bloom ripe for wishes. Orcas Island, WA.
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Curve Interrupted
A semi-submerged leave interrupted a boat's reflection on Lake Wenatchee. Wenatchee, WA.
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