Frozen Lake Padden

Inspired by photos from a fellow photographer recently, I made up my mind to head to Lake Padden this morning. Temperature at my place as hovering in the high 20s, so I knew it would be cold. But when I got up to Lake Padden the gauge in the car read 21 degrees. In addition, it didn’t take me long to see that the lake was frozen. Not just a little frozen. Thick ice. There was even a growing group of folks playing hockey on the lake. What a beautiful morning.

North Cascade Getaway

Several years have passed since the last time I’d ventured over the North Cascades Highway to Winthrop, so it was a wonderful surprise when Lori surprised me with a getaway to Winthrop to celebrate our 26th anniversary. Our weekend was filled with many new sites as well some familiar ones we had not seen for a while.

Orcas Island 2016

One of the things I look forward to every year is the annual trip to Orcas Island. The island is filled with endless treasures including Cascade Lake and Cascade Falls in Moran State Park, Mount Constitution (which I didn’t actually get to the top of this year), North Beach, the Saturday Farmer’s Market and so much more. This year new visits to Olga, Mountain Lake, Buck Bay, and the Eastsound Fly-in and Car Show.

In Search of Farms in Ferndale

I had a prompt earlier this week from a friend about a barn out in Ferndale she thought I would be interested in photographing. So today I made a preliminary look at it and many others in Ferndale. Will have to go back out when there is not the smoky haze nor direct sun. All the old barns I see make me wonder about all the ones that have fallen. So much history…gone forever. That’s a big part of the motivation for me to shoot barns. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Not Just Another Walk In The Park

Took a walk in Boulevard Park this morning solely for the purpose of slowing down to look at ordinary things. Three photos don’t really represent a wide variety of things encountered, I know.

The leaf. Earlier this week I had taken a walk in the park around the same time, and the lighting was not very good and I did not have my tripod. So the images of leaves I took then were either too dark or too grainy as I tried to compensate for the lack of a tripod. Lesson learned.

The bolts. This was all about being on the beach and not having ever noticed these bolts before. If they could talk it would be interesting to hear their history. When and where were they originally anchored into this beam? Did they come to rest on this particular section of beach and when? Oh, the stories to be told.

The mushrooms. Just ordinary mushrooms I stopped to look at nestled in the grassy field. Not sure what kind they are, but that is another adventure. So many types of mushrooms in the world. After looking and trying to use this mushroom identifier I should have picked one and studied it closer. Fun to think about photographing mushroom varieties in their natural environments. So many potential photography subjects!