Orcas Island 2016

One of the things I look forward to every year is the annual trip to Orcas Island. The island is filled with endless treasures including Cascade Lake and Cascade Falls in Moran State Park, Mount Constitution (which I didn’t actually get to the top of this year), North Beach, the Saturday Farmer’s Market and so much more. This year new visits to Olga, Mountain Lake, Buck Bay, and the Eastsound Fly-in and Car Show.

Bald Eagles at Mosquito Lake Road

For many months now I’ve been thinking about photographing bald eagles here in Whatcom County. Friends have talked about and shared their photos on Facebook and I still had not made the time to go out and see what all the fuss was about. Well, that all changed today as Lori and I ventured to where Mosquito Lake Road bridge crosses over the Nooksack River, just off the Mount Baker Highway.

Fallen At Nugent’s Corner

Made my way to the Nooksack River at Nugent’s Corner this morning. The Nooksack was fast, the sky gray, so photographically it didn’t catch my attention. Then I started walking the shoreline and it was amazing. The leaves were varied, fallen and in decay, but they are beautiful. As a light rain fell from the sky, small drops on the pools of water added even more interest.

One After The Other

Sean couldn’t summon the energy to get his tired, aching body out of bed. He lay there in the darkness, eyes not closed but not really open either. A flash broke through from behind the blinds as a car made its way down the street. Sean rolled over enough to see the clock on his nightstand. 5:23. Another flash. Another car. Another day begins. Fine. Let’s do this.

His house was eerily quiet, even for this time in the morning. Sean stopped in the hallway and listened. Nothing. The cool nights had not yet arrived so it was no surprise the furnace wasn’t rumbling. But the cold floor beneath his feet made sure he didn’t linger to long and next thing he knew Sean had his key in the door, locking his place and heading out into the dawn of a new adventure.

Walking to work before the common folk woke up always brought Sean joy. Few cars passed and usually no people. The quiet space allowed him to just be. The only mandatory task was to make sure one foot went in front of the other and everything would be fine. This morning, though, Sean paused longer than usual at the only stop sign between him and his appointed destination. Turn right. Go to the office. Turn left. Go to the park. In his periphery Sean saw a light bobbing on the path that wound through the park. His feet went left. One after the other.