Frozen Lake Padden

Inspired by photos from a fellow photographer recently, I made up my mind to head to Lake Padden this morning. Temperature at my place as hovering in the high 20s, so I knew it would be cold. But when I got up to Lake Padden the gauge in the car read 21 degrees. In addition, it didn’t take me long to see that the lake was frozen. Not just a little frozen. Thick ice. There was even a growing group of folks playing hockey on the lake. What a beautiful morning.

Christmas in the Woods

It has been decided that doing something for a second year qualifies it as a tradition. Last year my wife and I ventured to Canada and stayed at a quaint roadside inn for Christmas. From there we made many ventures out, including several outings to see bald eagles in the snow. This year we stayed at a cabin at Rasar State Park near Concrete, WA. What a wonderful place from which to venture into the snow.

Almost Super Moon

Possibly 24 hours early, but I went out this morning to take a look at the moon, which was so bright over Bellingham Bay. The forecast had been for clouds so I felt very fortunate to see the moon at all. In fact, with the cloud covering tonight I doubt we will see the moon tonight. But I’ve been surprised before.

Evergreen Bone Yard

It wasn’t an ordinary walk through the Western Washington University campus. It was a walk on my birthday. Of course, nothing like stopping to take a few photos along the way, for sure. The Evergreen Highway sign caught my eye as we headed back home. Then, when I got home and really started looking at the elements of the photo I realized it’s sort of creepy. Ah, it’s just a picture…or is it?