Evergreen Bone Yard

It wasn’t an ordinary walk through the Western Washington University campus. It was a walk on my birthday. Of course, nothing like stopping to take a few photos along the way, for sure. The Evergreen Highway sign caught my eye as we headed back home. Then, when I got home and really started looking at the elements of the photo I realized it’s sort of creepy. Ah, it’s just a picture…or is it?

Oh, For a Dog

Made an impromptu visit to Little Squalicum Beach. And despite taking over 100 photos, this is the one that stood out. The camera is being held just above the stream of water heading out to the bay, leading the eye from the foreground into the distance. Next time I’ll have to try to get a similar shot, but with a dog frolicking in the surf. There were a couple around, they just choose to be scarce when I got ready for the photo. Go figure!

Oh For A Dog


Walking On Lummi Island

Had the blessing to spend an overnight on Lummi Island. While the two walks I took on Saturday were enjoyable and I captured some hidden gems, the sunrise on Sunday was terrific.

North Cascade Getaway

Several years have passed since the last time I’d ventured over the North Cascades Highway to Winthrop, so it was a wonderful surprise when Lori surprised me with a getaway to Winthrop to celebrate our 26th anniversary. Our weekend was filled with many new sites as well some familiar ones we had not seen for a while.

Lummi Nation Sunrise

The seed was unexpectedly planted yesterday when I made a chance encounter with photographer Lou Nicksic at Boulevard Park. I was returning from capturing a colorful sunrise and he was just setting up for some long exposures. As we talked, he mentioned taking sunrise photos over on the shores of the Lummi Nation. So, when I happened to wake up at 5:00am this morning, I immediately grabbed my gear and set out for Lummi Nation. Boy, was it worth it!