Eagle at Boulevard Park

Wait, did this really just happen? On a regular, but unpredictable basis, we see an eagle flying over Boulevard Park. Not sure where the nest is for these visitors (whether it is the same one or a pair, who knows. Always only one at a time though). Well, this special day was lunch time. Fortunately the raptor was busy enough with this meal that we could approach at a respectable distance. Wow! What a treat. We learned later that the menu was a Barrows Goldeneye, just for a trivial piece of info.

Lake Padden Sunrise Adventure

An early morning visit to Lake Padden. So close, and again spectacular. Very nice way to start off the year.

And The Snow Fell

Must say that I wasn’t expecting the snow to stick when it started falling yesterday. But as I watched out my window it just kept falling and falling. Sticking and then sticking some more. Then, overnight another dusting. So this morning, before I started in at my desk, I escaped down to take a few photos at Boulevard Park as the sun tried to break out to start the day officially.